About Anisa

My name is Anisa Jibrell, and I’m a freelance science, pharma and health policy journalist based in Connecticut.  Most recently, I was the eZine editor for FDAnews where I covered international healthcare policy and the prescription drug industry in DC metro area.

After graduating with a B.S. in Journalism from Southern CT State University, I moved to DC where I was thrown into the worlds of pharmaceuticals and medical devices with zero background in science.

My Work

At FDAnews, I was charged with editing three daily newsletters – Drug Daily Bulletin, Device Daily Bulletin, and Drug Industry- and 6 monthlies covering international pharma regulation, clinical trials, generics, good manufacturing practices,  devices and diagnostics, and regulation affecting the med-device industry. Somewhere in between, I investigated and reported on class action lawsuits, drug pricing scandals, insider-trading charges, drug safety, foreign markets and industry cost trends.

My work also appears in AISHealth and Buzzworthy, where I covered pharmacy benefit managers and breakthrough drug treatments, respectively.

Outside of work, I love boxing, photography and finding new makeup products to obsess over.