Tips for Winter-Proof Skin


Winter is coming. Which means your skin care regimen may need a slight upgrade. Here are a few tips on how to protect your skin during the chilly days that lie ahead.

1. Incorporate oils

If you have blemish-prone skin like me, there are oils with certain formulas that will cater to your skin. Take Sunday Riley’s Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil for instance, which contains salicylic acid, tea tree and those soothing antioxidants. A couple of drops of this in your intensive moisturizer and you’re good to go.

2. Ditch those drying foaming cleansers

Foaming cleansers tend to be more drying and are more likely to contain sulfates. Plus, they can be pretty harsh on your skin by stripping away your natural sebum. Switch to a cream or milky cleanser to up your moisture game.

3. #HandsMatter

Swap out your alcohol-based hand sanitizer for an alcohol-free one. Alcohol = drying, and drying is bad. Hands need love too, especially since the skin on your hands is thinner from all that washing. Also, wear gloves when you can. Not only do gloves protect you from the cold, they help to lock in moisture and soften up your hands. Here is a quick overnight hand treatment:

a. Gently exfoliate hands with brown sugar and olive oil.

b. Wash hands and apply 2 tsps of your favorite oil.

c. Slip on an old pair of gloves and go to sleep.


For a hand cream I use the Asquith and Somerset Plumeria Mosaic Hand Cream. This stuff is like crack for your hands, and as you can see, I need to re-up.


4. Decide on a gentle exfoliater

Try not to exfoliate more than twice a week and lean toward a gentle exfoliator like Shea nut shell powder.

5. Get an intensive moisturizer if you don’t have one.

This is imperative. FAB’s Ultra Repair Cream (Intense Hydration) is a a perfect moisturizer for a night-time, winter skin care routine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have SPF.

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