Tips on How to Prevent Hair Fallout


I haven’t been blogging lately because I am so tied up with planning my wedding. It’s been super stressful.

In October, I began losing a lot of hair. And I mean, a lot of hair. My hair is already thin and on the finer side so this wasn’t just something I could sweep under the rug. I always see things on the internet that say ” losing 100 hairs a day is normal.” Um, sis. 100 hairs? I don’t have time for that.


I decided to stop torturing myself with Web MD searches and do something about it.

Biotin isn’t an option for me because it makes me breakout so here are some other tips that I hope will ease your pain.

1. Eat three meals a day.


It doesn’t have to be three meals, it can be 5 small portions. Whatever. Just eat! Sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget to eat food. If your calorie intake is low, you’re not getting the nutrients you need and your body is under stress. A poor diet is commonly associated with hair loss. I constantly forget to eat breakfast which sucks because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

2. Take a multivitamin

I eat garbage. So I need to ensure that I’m still getting my vitamins. A vitamin deficiency is a common cause for hair loss. Talk to your doctor and take a blood test if you suspect you may have a vitamin deficiency. You may have an iron or zinc deficiency. Don’t take any supplements until you’ve spoken with your doctor first.

3. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet and take a break from heat.

This is a pretty common tip. Brushing your hair while wet is a big no-no because it causes breakage and frizz.  Depending on the severity of your situation, you might want to take a break from heat tools.


4. Do weekly hot oil treatments and scalp massages.

I instantly noticed a difference in the strength, elasticity and appearance of my hair after committing to these.

I recommend a castor oil/ sesame oil/ almond mix. All three oils are known to increase blood circulation to the scalp and curb hair loss.

Castor oil has been known to enable hair follicles to restore growth the normal level and increase your hair growth 1x-3x the normal growth rate. Choose Jamaican Black Castor oil for optimal results.

Sesame oil contains natural sun-blocking agents that will protect your hair from harmful UV rays and pollution. Environmental pollutants are one of the causes of hair fallout. Added bonus: It also contains hair darkening properties and can help prevent premature graying.

Almond oil is extremely high in fatty acids so it nourishes the hair by providing shine and a glossy finish. It also repairs damage and helps minimize hair loss from breakage.


5. Balance your hormones

Hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of hair loss. Things like birth control and a Plan B throw your body off it’s natural course. Maca root powder is a great way to get your body back on track. Maca root is a superfood from the Andes Mountains that has been shown to restore hormonal imbalance, increase fertility, boost energy, and improve your immune system, sexual function and memory. You can put it in your cereal or morning smoothie. Note: It may cause your acne to clear up, or it might do the opposite and break you out.

6. Change your shampoo

Make sure your shampoo promotes a healthy scalp and caters to your specific needs. At the moment I’m using Nioxin which is supposed to stop the shedding and stimulate blood circulation. It’s kind of expensive, but I was desperate. It’s working 🙂 Another favorite of mine and much cheaper alternative is Mane and Tail shampoo. I’ve used it for years and it will change your life.






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